Brief Summary

My passion in life is architecture. I love every aspect of it, understanding people ideas and making their dream a reality is something I have done for over 15 years. With every new design there is the possibility to experience the magic of architecture. It all comes down to that moment of joy when the design comes to life.

I graduated from Rhode Island School of Design in 1986 and in 1993 started my own architectural firm. Early on, we focused on small contemporary interventions within the historic center of Old San Juan. Later, we expanded our reach to include major historic restorations, social housing projects, high end apartments and commercial projects throughout Puerto Rico. Through such high profile projects as the Yagüez Theater restoration the firm was recognized for its innovation and commitment to craft. Our reputation for excellence was confirmed in the restoration of the one- thousand- seats Historic Monument, in which we strove to harmonize complex building code regulations, technical aspects and a commitment to returning the theater to its original splendor.  

In addition I launched the MyarchN online network and manage its growing architectural community. More than 4 million pages have been viewed since its inception in May of 2007, the community counts with more than 4,300 registered members.